Friday, August 31, 2012

Playlist Friday: Wondergirls - Like This

It's been awhile since I've posted a playlist Friday but this week I must!! Since a few weeks ago this song has been stuck in my head and I can't help it that the song is very catchy and I love the dance!! Been trying to learn it...I have only mastered a small part of it. is hard but fun!! I have to thank YouTube for it. :D And the awesome people who learned it!

I am sure you have heard of Wonder girls (if you haven't, where have you been?!) :D I love their catchy song and dance. Need to learn and teach my belly dancing girls asap. I think it would be fun to learn it. I hope you are having a wonderful Friday and awesome Labor Day weekend. It is my brother's birthday this Sunday, and I remembered he was born on Labor Day weekend! So we will have some yummy chocolate cake!

I have been editing pictures lately so I hope to have it up soon! I have been tweeting and instagram-ing them :P I need to post them here! Have a great day everyone!

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