Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little paw

Since Valentine's Day is coming I want to share a picture of a special little someone in my life, Hope.

Last week she weight 291g, this week she weight 320g. :) She roughly measure up to 27cm and this week she is 32cm. I am trying to get a picture of her everyday so I can see how much she grows. Last week she fits nicely in the palms of my hands and now she is filling up my palms fast. I wish they would all stay this small and this cute forever :P Can't believe Mojo and Forest were this little months ago. 

Here is a picture of her cute paw...and since it's almost Valentine's I added a red heart. :) Have a great day, what's your plan for V-day?


Sunny & Star said...

She is incredibly adorable!

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Stephanie said...

Omg! What an adorable little kittie! And I totally know how you feel wishing they would stay small forever. The grow so fast! She's beautiful. :) Thanks so much for following me...I'm following you back xo


a!k0 said...

@sunny&star: She is but kinda annoying since she loves to sit on your face :P

@Stephanie: Yes I want them to be little forever and be all cute! Thanks for your comment and thanks for following!

Candypop said...

this is adorable haha im not much of a cat person but i cant say no to kittens :3 theyre so cuteeeeee
Valentines day i worked ahah nothing special