Saturday, February 16, 2013

Playlist Friday: Grease - You're the one that I want

I almost forgot to post this, hence the late post!! You probably hear this all the time but OMG! it is Friday again!!

I started watching Glee again (I fell in and out of love with Glee) and the last episode I saw was their Grease episode. Ever since I saw that episode this song just keep playing on and on in my head. Seriously I have never had a song that's so stuck in my head like this one!

First of all I love Grease. :D I think I watched that a couple times all in a course of 4 days. Haha...when I was interning, my friends couldn't stand it. They say I lived in the wrong era. :P I literally watched Grease during my break and had their songs on all the time. Then it died down. Now it is Glee's fault that I have to watch that movie Grease again!! I am pretty sure no one wants to watch it with me. It is kinda corny :P. Maybe next time I can ask CLK to watch it with me HAHA.

I got chills,
They're multiplyin'
And I'm losin' control
'cause the power
you're supplyin'
It's electrifyin'!

Those words keeps repeating in my head...haha. I hope you're having a wonderful Friday and weekend!! Do you have any special plans this weekend?? I am going to watch football (soccer) with my uncle and hope my team wins!! :D


The Beautymint said...

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Jessica said...

loove glee


Sara said...

I Love grease! you chose a perfect song!

a!k0 said...

@the beautymint: I am definitely in the future :D I don't have anything to offer now tho but we will def talk in the future and thanks!

@Jessica: Me too! especially their covers :D

@Sara: I can't get enough of grease and this song!! My older (ahem :P) friends can't seem to understand my obsession with grease since I probably was too small to remember the movie :P