Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mojo Monday: The snip

I know it is no longer Monday but Mojo needs an update. Better late than never right? 2 Saturdays ago Mojo got the snip, he wasn't very thrilled about it at first. He looked at me with accusing eyes!

I contemplated on doing it, because I love Mojo, balls and all, but after getting some advice on it I decided to anyway. It is for Mojo's well being.

The first day he peed all over himself. He was under for a long time. The doc said he would be aware 3 hours after the surgery but he took about 12 hours to be fully aware. I was kinda scared because he seems to be out for so long. The first meow was like heaven. He ate a little bit the first night too. I think he was just sore. I texted my sister in India and she laughed. :P

So a little after a week later, Mojo is fine. He still acts like a little cat (which I was scared because I don't want him to be lazy and fat) and he needs a bath. I read that baths should wait at least 2 weeks after the surgery. I am glad he doesn't smell cause they said the urine of neutered cat doesn't smell as bad as a normal male one. :P Hahaha, he still needs a bath. Apparently he has become the welcome mat so his fur is kinda yellow-ish. Every time someone comes to our house they will rub his tummy with their foot (including me XD). I should take a picture of that next time.

The picture was taken the night he was awake. That face makes me sad but he is all Mojo-jojo now so all is well. ;)

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Charlie Bickell said...

He is a handsome chap. I'm all for neutering, to many cats in rescue centers in need of homes :)