Monday, December 28, 2009

A not-so- typical Christmas

It was the 27th, yet my friends are still having friends over for a late Christmas celebration. Got to go to one of my friend's house for food, typical Malay food or what you would find at a gathering: satay, peanut sauce, rendang, sweet sour chicken, mutton curry and lemang. Yummmms ~~ Now that is what I call a feast!

~ Christmas tree ~

Since I have never follow friends out visiting friends during holidays, last year one of my New Year's resolution was to go visiting during the holidays. It was something achievable, something I could actually do and at least say 'I have one under the belt!' proudly. And that I did! I am so proud of myself for accomplishing something I have always failed, year after year. I have visited friends for Chinese New Year, Eid, and now Christmas. I know I am missing a few holidays but that can be improved. :) I have always set out goals and never achieved them. Or sometimes I just forget about them, brush them off, push them under the bed until 24 hours before countdown. Then I'd crawl on my knees, search in vain for the 'list' and realize hey I didn't do any this year. Again.

Ok it is actually not a 'list' but more of a mental thingy... some thing that's always mentally remembered. One of the thing that's been on the 'list' (for 6 years) was to get a boyfriend. I know. So pathetic!XD But it was on there for quite a long time. Like freakin' 6 years! Hell yeah I can cross that out too. I mean, not to sound all desperate or anything, it was something easy achievable mentally challenging and it turned out that it wasn't that hard nor easy. After 6 long years (of not really) searching, I can say I won't be putting that on there ever (hopefully). I have found someone, and I think he is great. :) I know you'd think your significant other is "great" too, but he is great. For me. Cause I have met a few ungreat people in my search for the best possible someone. And I think he surpassed them, by a freakin' lot in terms of zaniness and weirdness. Or maybe I am just easily pleased. (That's what he says! -  anyway, but I like to think as myself as a hard person to please. It gives me power!). I guess the journey to where I am today makes me appreciate the time I've had with myself. With my friends and family. :)

~ Friends for Christmas XD ~

This year, I don't know what I will put under the new year resolution line: will I ask for material things?, power?, money?...I just don't know. :) I want health and prosperity for my friends and family. Maybe some freedom in thinking. :D Or blog a lil more ;). I don't have the most exciting life in the world, unlike some people. :) I am just satisfy with lil things. Maybe I'll travel more...that would be pretty exciting! World, here I come! Orchestra practice has been put on hold, for the last weeks and days before the new year. :)

Who knows, maybe life will bring more surprises in the new year. I know 2009 has been really good to me. :) I am thankful and blessed for everyone that has been in my life, the strangers that has made me happy, that made me laugh. The good and the bad. It is life. It is always there waiting to surprise you. With good things, and bad things. I can't wait go open a new chapter in my life. Move forward...just maybe.. ;).

Happy new year!

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