Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Date: Lord Of The Ring Trilogy

I went of a movie frenzy last week and got to watch all 3 of the LOTR movies, the extended version. I know right? I am that obsessed ;P although my Twin Towers CD did not work, and I am disappointed. And I did not watch the whole 12 hours straight, that would be crazy. :P I will always love this trilogy, now I wish I could've wait a while longer and gotten them in DVDs instead. *sigh*

I would have to say my favorite is The Two Towers. It has the funny fight scenes between Legolas and Gimli. Which movie is your favorite?


Pepper said...

What a coincidence, or it could be manufacturer error since my Twin Tower fourth CD doesn't work too. And it annoys me since it the battle at Isengard. I hate too admit this, I watch LOTR trilogies extended edition 12 hours straight 3 times in a row during holiday, stop only to eat and to go to bathroom. I love LOTR, Star Wars and Sucker Punch.

a!k0 said...

LOL WOW! 12 hours straight 0___o kudos to you :P I guess if I could I would too!! :D Yeah it sucks because the 4th CD is the best one!!! =___= it's the battle...urghh it annoys me. YEs maybe its a defect at least I know it does not happen to only me. I had issue with the 3rd CD from The return of the king too but I had the normal version and I was fine :P but it still sucks. I still haven't watch Sucker punch and I wanted to.


Fantatic Trilogy! I love Legolas and the fight scene!
ciao ciao from Rome

Straylights said...

For the Shire!

a!k0 said...

@BExCLUSIVE MAGAZINE: :D I love Legolas too, one of my favorite character other than Aragon! And the fight/battle scenes are the best!!

@Straylights: Aye Aye...for the shire!