Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Champions

A few hours ago the Champion's League final was held at Wembley stadium between Barcelona and Manchester United. AND of course we know the better team won. XD

My favorite, from Nike.

Now I am really regretting not watching the game with my dad but instead I was here asleep :P LOL Of course Barcelona won!!! WOOHoooOOOO! Barcelona's goal was scored by Pedro, Messi and Villa. Of course Messi had to be in the score sheet. Trying to stop Lionel Messi is like trying to stop a ragging bull. David Villa had to contribute also. :) Manchester United's only goal came from Rooney. Good job Rooney but not good enough to stop Barcelona.

So this proves the point Barcelona is the team to beat and be at, is Fabregas thinking of moving? I hope not. We NEED to bring trophies to Emirates Stadium next season.

Congratulations Barcelona! You did it again!


KittyBonkers said...

I didn't watch the match in the end, I was too busy watching Doctor Who and Voyage of the Dawn Treader ;D I am glad Barce won though, I despise Man U!

And yeesh, my friend is totally awesome, she really got them all right on!! I always have fun shopping ;D And shopping bans suck, but at least you are saving up for a worthwhile cause ;) I am glad my laptop is working too D: I was lost without it D: Luckily I could email my boyfriend on my phone!!
I am glad you always like the pictures I do on pretty pictures day, I am sorry I didn't do one this week, I lost all my pictures I had collected for them!!

If you ever want to email me, you can! I usually use magpie_angel[at] the most, so I will reply faster on there!

Kitty xoxox

a!k0 said...

:D YAY! I am glad barcelona won too cause I cant stand Man U fan's craziness!!!!

Marie said...

I don't really follow this but I like that Barcelona won.:D

Speaking of winning, you won my Marie Bracelet giveaway!:D Congratulations!:D

Please email me your full name and address!

***** Marie *****

a!k0 said...

@Marie: yay we all liked that Barcelona won! ^^ Oh I was surprised when I went to read your blog, yay me! :D Thank you Marie! ^^, *happy dance*