Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project 365: #100 What I love to... :D I have finally reached  day 100! I am behind like probably 30 days 0___o that's like a month! Anyway... sharing some pictures of food I am loving. :) And sorry for the crappy picture quality, these are taken with my phone camera.

This is one of my favorite all around meal - meaning I can have this for lunch and dinner. :) Breakfast too, if I am not so lazy. :P

This was an egg + beef burger, it's just a random picture of a burger, oh and I added Tabasco sauce. Yummmm...

And last but not least, one of my favorite dessert for now is mango. :D These were quite sour but delish, mmmmm ^^, I would rather have some strawberries though, but yeah. That will have to wait. What's your favorite food?


Pepper said...

sotong kering! Hahaha, they makes my breath smelly, but I love them nevertheless. And I love beef, especially daging masak kicap and satay daging. Can't imagine myself being a vegetarian.

Straylights said...

Yesterday I had the worst sandwich ever. It had lots of spinach in it, and I couldn't chew it. I had to spit it out. I should have just gotten mac and cheese! This ordeal makes me sad because I am still hungry. The End.

Ayu~Emma said...

I'm hungry and I saw these pics >.<
The soup~~I want..
I got loads of fave foods..
But I love youtiao so much ^^

a!k0 said...

@Pepper: OMGolly I haven't had that in awhile XD I am not a beef person except for occasions, I am a chicken person!! Yay, and satay hati or badal is the best. hehehe I would try to be a vegetarian but probably fail big time.

@Straylights: Aww...I wonder what a spinach sandwich tastes like...what sandwich did you have that has a lot of spinach? Curious...Yes you can never go wrong with mac and cheese :) I hope you ate something by now :)

@Ayu: LOL i like making people hungry :P youtiao? i dont know that I think...soup you must try!!