Thursday, June 16, 2011

MIA: Mini vacation & a wedding

So I will be away this weekend and hopefully I can get on Monday or Tuesday for an update. :) My bestie, my course mate, my ex-housemate is getting married! I am beyond excited. When I was in KL in February she begged asked me to be one of 10 girls that will accompany her on her wedding day and specifically asked me us to attend her wedding (us meaning CLK and I). Unfortunately CLK was leaving after a couple of days of our meet up and it was up to me to fulfill her wishes. And here I am, packing blogging away about me leaving tomorrow for the wedding. :D

10 years ago I met her, she was this very energetic girl and very popular among the guys. I was jealous! Kidding :P We were in different classes and section so we did not get to know each other until my 3rd year when we shared a house. It was friend at first sight. :D We have been friends ever since. We were like a pea in a pod, always together and because she had transportation and all the other girls we jealous of us, LOL kidding again! but they were probably! :P Haha I joke. I had some rough patches with some girls but they are all forgotten. Well some anyway, girls right, cats fight and all, bla bla bla.

So yeah it will probably be close to 10 years now that I have known her and never did I believe the wedding would come this soon. Less than a year ago it seem so foreign and we both were skeptical about it. Fortunately she met a handsome, dashing (and tall), funny and amazing guy that she is marrying, not once, not twice but three times!! Technically I suppose :P never mind. I will have to blog about that later. :D

So my dear friend, thank you for helping me through those years, our ups and downs, our fights and laugh and constantly getting into trouble and playing in the rain, you taking care of me when I was sick and me of you :) our battles with teachers and bitchy girls, you will be a wife (already are!) soon. :) I could not be happier. Here to many more years of friendship and companionship. And you have to come to my wedding now! :P I love you like my sister.

I miss our good times. Welcome to a new chapter in your life. :)


D.Sadie said...

Aww! Congratulations to your friend. =)


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Pop Champagne said...

wow 10 years of friendship, that is great! and congrats to her :D

VeRo! said...

lovely news!!! congrats to ur friend! i hope u enjoy the wedding! :D


a!k0 said...

Thanks everyone!! I did enjoy the wedding and I will have to divide the posts for it!! Can't wait to share pictures!