Friday, March 29, 2013

Playlist Friday: One of us - Joan Osborne

Hello beautiful people! Happy Friday! I know it has been awhile and I feel bad and sorry for leaving so long! I missed last playlist and I had this one song stuck on my head for days. It has been a rough couple of weeks too. Wanted to post something on the last Formula1 race but it was such a controversial win for all 3 drivers that I don't know what to make out of it. I might do a post soon though. :P

In other news my cousin's wife gave birth to twin boys!! I was surprised cause I didn't know they were expecting twins.

Such precious bundles of joy!! This picture was taken hours after they were born..too bad I couldn't hold them both. They were both born perfect with no complications. I want twins too!! I know those two would be a lot of work but aren't they precious when they are asleep? :P and I think I am coming down with a fever too.

This song if I remember correctly was not played on the local radio because I don't think I have ever heard them play this song because it was so controversial (religious stuff). We had Mtv growing up and they were always playing this song, and that's how I come to know this song. It has actually been awhile since I heard it. I was watching the voice blind audition a couple of days ago and this one girl Sara Simmon I believe was singing this song and it's been stuck in my head! That girl has some serious voice too and I am glad Adam has her. I am sure you all know what the voice is right? :P

Sorry everyone I have been away for so long. I feel so bad for not stalking  reading your blogs regularly. I will try to do better this weekend! Love you all! Have a great weekend!


Mimi said...

oh wow, twin boys?! congratulations to your cousin and his wife! :D

<3, Mimi
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Candypop said...

Congrats to your cousins wife how adorable :3

Hope you've had a safe and lovely easter weekend

a!k0 said...

@Mimi: yes lucky them! I will tell them. I want twins so bad now :P I am just glad they are boys cause if they were girls I am gonna want to go shopping for them haha

@candypop: Thanks love :D