Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 Nights 1 Day

That is how much time is spent laughing our ass off - and crying till my chest hurts - talking and laughing at other people, laughing at stories,about other people that are hilarious and cursing at people who we find effin' annoying. Ok, we don't always laugh at other people, we just sometimes have stories (about ourselves) that we laugh about. No harm done. :)

And 2 Days 1 Night!!!

Like seriously, absofuckinglutely funny!!! x 1000! We (Fi and I) was over at Juls' for the open house and we had to, had to stay and watched 2 days 1 night...together! Like for the very first (possibly last) time. And we laughed. Like. Crazy. XD and it was like after midnight ^^. It was funny! Hilarious! You gotta watch it to believe it (oh it is in Korean but we 'understood' ;) ).

Fi and Juls are so into 2D1N!

It was one of the good days of Raya. Hmmm...actually waited for CLK to get on but he didn't and well I was kinda pissed a lil. Cause at least he would say HI. You know...ok, I am just a lil clingy...I am not saying I am not! I am CLINGY. He knows I am clingy. Take it or leave it.

So yeah I was kinda !@#^&%* and then my parents says "hey, we are going to take a family portrait today". OK yay? And we actually had fun. It was not like super duper fun but we had fun. We got home and well...took more pictures, as usual. Me and the sisters and my brother trying to be civilized.

Until I realized I was suppose to go see Juls (she actually reminded me XD thanks Juls!! I had fun!). Then Fi and I went. We were expecting everyone to be dressed - as in in Raya clothes and stuff - but they were in jeans. JEANS. Gah if I knew :P I wouldn't be so dressed up. Hahaha, Fi and I were dressed to impressed but it was ok. It is still raya :P.

We got back at around 2am, not before we went to my aunt's house. She was here for a few days only and I wanted to say hi before she leaves. Nicky, my cousin gave us his own concoction of a 'mocktail' - Sundrop orange juice with Cola- it was surprisingly good. :D My aunt didn't want us to get poisoned by it but I am still good. And kicking :P. So, THANKS Nicky!!

Sundrop + Cola = good

It was like a small (family?) gathering but I was nervous. I was embarrassed to wear something so 'glam' when they were casual. :P We ate good food, always good food with KFC. I know, out of all the food KFC you say :D but I was craving for KFC was goooooooooooooooooooood. ^^ yummm yummm.

We were introduced to Glee and Vampire Diaries. And they were interesting. They are not out on tv or anything here but they are out in the states. Time to look it up and drown ourselves in more vampire episodes - and Glee. :D They are really good. I am going to follow.

So today (Sunday), I had some fun too. :) With some friends, old friends. High school friends. :) I miss high school friends. We had spaghetti! It was good. And cheesecake. They were. Awesome. My friend's husband is a lucky guy! ^^ Too much food...and an hour ago, I had some steamboat thingy. =_='' I much food today... but it is still Raya. ;) That is always a good excuse. :D


rachaelgking said...

Holidays are freebies when it comes to food. Everyone knows this :-)

a!k0 said...

I KNOW!! Next time you should come over ^^ Free FOOD!

Jennifer Brindley said...

That is the BEST type of time with friends. I love hilarious, uncontrollable laughing fits!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

a!k0 said...

Yeah it is...I love times like that (except the stuffing, it just ruined my 5kg weight lost :P) and it calls for tons of pics. :D

I love your blog! Glad I stumble upon it. :D