Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Piece of the week: Air on G string

So this week, I only went for my orchestra practice once (ok it was last week, since I am doing this like a whole 5 days late) and we were playing (mostly) the G string pieces, or majors...whatever. Anyway, they were getting ready to play for a wedding (booo, we didn't get to play in it since they only want like 5 people!! how stingy!) and the pieces were romantic and great.

This was one of my many favorites of that night, and I tried so hard to remember the names of the pieces (even had to write them on my phone, just in case) and this particular piece is so familiar yet I never could find the exact title for it. NOW I know. :D This lovely piece is by Bach. :)

It is a romantic piece, good for those long walks down the isle or a romantic dance with your partner (now that makes me wanna dance) altho it also reminds me of the castle, knights and kings and queens. :) So I leave you with Air on G string by Bach.

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