Friday, September 25, 2009

Piece of the week: Symphony no 47 in G major

Ok, as we all know it was a holiday weekend, which, no rest, food, staying up most of the night, food, friends, family and laughter. Yeah fun...then I remember I forgot this week POW...hmmm. I guess I wasn't in a rush to post this up since I have not been going to my orchestra practice...for almost 2 weeks now. :P Didn't I said it was a holiday week? :D And no I have not done my ASSignment yet...typical.

Anywhoo, this week piece was on of the last pieces I played before the holiday. It wasn't one of the 'greatest' or interesting piece I've played but I like it. :) G major sounds really good ^^. So this week I present Symphony no 47 in G major by F. J. Haydn.

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