Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Funny cats

Happy new year! :D Since this is my first post (I missed January 1st!) I want to share with you some funny clip of cats - I read an article on how to make your pet famous haha. I used to have a cat that loves to sit by the sink and drink water from the faucet. Unfortunately she was catnapped (I believe because she always comes home) and I really miss her. I am sure somebody is keeping her captive somewhere!! But this video reminds me of her and I never took videos of her drinking from the sink. Guess this teach you never to take things for granted.

Hope this kinda made you smile or laugh a little :D How's the new year treating you?


G A B Y said...

Aww I have seen this before, soooooooo cute, even though I don't even like cats ahah! Happy New Year!

a!k0 said...

@Gaby: lol.. I think cats are weirdly hilarious sometimes :D happy new year to you too!