Friday, January 25, 2013

Playlist Friday: O Town - All or nothing

Do you remember these four 5 hunky dudes?

Confession - I listen to a lot of boybands growing up. I want to blame it on Mtv and Channel V for all the late nights of top 100 US countdowns bla bla bla... I watch those religiously, especially when Adrian was on. :D Good times, now...they show useless things. I want songs....sometimes I think when I was growing up, we were much cooler (technology-less and awesome :P).

So anyway, I could only remember the guy named Ashley Angel (because he reminds me of that show Angel, remember that?) But I love most of their songs from their 2 albums. And yes, I have one of them. Don't judge. :P

I often wonder what if all these boybands survived the apocalypse of splitting up and breakups and never broke up, I am sure life will be filled with all the Nick Carters and Justin Timberlakes of the boybands. Haha...maybe we will become hippies...who knows. There are various covers of this song, one sung by the lovely Westlife (how can I miss this?!)

A punk version (I love songs from punk goes pop albums!)

A Japanese version :D they kept the melody but reworked the lyrics but of course I do not know what they mean (or the lyrics to it).

So I am sure you have your favorite boyband(s) you want to share?

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Mimi said...

ohmygosh, i love all or nothing! i know all the words, haha. ;)

<3, Mimi