Sunday, October 18, 2009


Ok...5 minutes ago I had no idea what a Bumpit is, am I too late to say.. Ohhhhh that thing. I didn't think they existed. Ok, anything can exist in this century but I never thought anything of it. I mean I know they do it the 'old fashion' know they puffing your hair out with combs that will always gets it tangles at the end. I never do that. Just never appealed to me.

I have naturally wavy/curly hair (which I despise, but I absolutely LOVE now!) and I have never thought to volumize my hair that way. Like hello? My hair is very messy, frizzy and 'volumize' already..why would I want to destroy frizz it even more? You know what I mean...have it altered to make you look and feel good. Yeah I know, I am such a party pooper. Anywhooo, I guess I never really take the time to make myself look presentable -like most people- and hair is just hair (or so I thought). I don't really care to curl, straightened, volumize, do cute things to it until now. Well I still am lazy to do it, but I do have it curled...and it stays a couple of days...pretty cute too. :P

So anyway, Bumpits. Wow, the things people would buy. ;) Yeah well it is an easy way to get great hair (if you have great hair) and a cheap way too. I envy those people with pin-straight hair. How I envy thee!! I had my hair straightened for a whole 5 years, and I tell ya, it is hard to maintain. You'd have to iron it flat when the wave starts to show and every 6 months or so should re-straightened it. My aunt did me good when she kinda break me from the habit of straightening. Now I would love to do it again...but I think they curls makes it sexier :P. Really! I should've listened to my housemate when she said it was sexier...but I do love straight hair too. (I'm just lazy to iron it flat...cause I have thick mane and it takes a really, really long time.)

Ok anyway bumpits (dang I keep on babbling) really is a cool thing, I'd love to try it but...errr...I don't think it would look that good on me. :P Ehehehe...but if you're interested, visit here. I am sure they would come with a similar ones (cheaper and well I said somewhat similar here, when it has reached it's must-haves status).

Here's a picture in case you're wondering:

(Image from kuljuls flickr)


LiLu said...

Funniest post ever on BumpIts:

a!k0 said...

Does everyone uses a bumpits?? Like really?

Kristina P. said...

Ha! So this is why Lilu referred you to my blog! And for the record, I don't actually use it. :)