Monday, October 26, 2009

More kitty pictures

I just want to share some kitty pictures I have accumulated throughout the weeks (months, years?). Ok, not years...but maybe months. Since I just let go Happy Feet, a few of my female cats gave birth. Yeah you heard me, a FEW. A few meaning a couple, meaning exactly 3 cats. 3 FREAKIN' CATS! But I just lost a lil kitten a few days ago. I guess the mother wasn't paying attention to it like not giving it milk and just isolating it from it's other 2 sibling kittens. How CRUEL! Maybe it was sick from the day it was born...but I am glad it died. I am over my head...with cats!!! Like seriously. I just entertain you with some pictures. :)



My lil Sunflower


One of the many pictures I have of Happy Feet and Sunflower...they were so happy together.

I'll share more pictures when I remember where I saved them. :)

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