Monday, October 26, 2009


Saturday morning I woke up after a restless night (talking to CLK and sleeping at the same time) and muse came to see me (not the band, altho if they did come that would've been AWESOME!). I wrote this in a course of 30 minutes:

it was cold,
the bed beside me yet i felt warm.
i woke up to the cold rainy day
but i feel the sun, shine,
i sit alone most times but i dont feel lonely,
people tell me i laugh to myself but i know you are there beside me,
everyday i awake to the thought of how great we are together,
you are always that someone that keeps me flying and that left me smiling,
and long ago i realized
i love you ...

Muse don't ever leave me...


LiLu said...

Awwww. This made me warm, even considering how cold and grey it is outside. ;-)

a!k0 said...

:D Awww at least you feel warm in the will make you glow ^^.

And you have B, so :D that should keep things warm ;)

The cold and grey outside doesn't have to make you cold and grey inside ;)