Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

"...A a a a a a, very happy birthday to me, TO ME..." I quote from Alice in Wonderland. :D Yay, it is my birthday!!!-5th October, if you're wondering- and I think I've spent a lot of $$$ ka-ching this birthday weekend. *sigh* But if it makes me happy I am thrilled, should I not be??

So anyway, like my cousin says 'If it is buying what you need, indeed it's not shopping' :P I concur. Hehehe, anything to make me feel better, right? Anywhooo, CLK said he sent me a package, which he persistently avoided even when I tricked him - in ways only I can do - to tell me what he sent me, he never moved. He's as solid as a rock! He got the package I sent his like 2 weeks ago, and he got in within 5 days and the old man at the post office said it will take about 2 weeks. I got lucky. CLK said he sent his like a week ago and he said it was suppose to arrive within 8-10 days, so I am hoping it will arrive today! Like hopefully.

I gotta sleep...I don't feel so good. I will update later...

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