Saturday, October 10, 2009

Piece of the week: Star Wars Theme

Star Wars you say? Yes I say. Actually I did not find the clip I was looking for on YouTube (dang search engine) but we did play this piece this week. I am sure this is not an alien theme for all most of you since it's Star Wars for goodness sake! Honestly, I have only watched one Star Wars was preeeety good. I have to go thru it again just to make sure. :P

Our Friday rehearsal consists of string players only (or Junior Strings as it is dubbed). Most of the players kids that plays in it are
1. totally new to playing in the orchestra.
2. are not ready to join the full ensemble orchestra.
3. are kids (like WTF?)
4. did I say kids already?

Ok, the kids can play better than I! On a regular basic, meaning theories, solo pieces (I totally suck, that's why I need more practice!!) but they play really soft when they are in an orchestra. And they ok some, can't keep up with the pace of an orchestra. I am not saying I can - since I only play for like oh 14 years!- but some of the pieces we play are pretty damn fast! I know sometimes I can't keep up myself! That's for lack of sidereading the notes.. =_='''  I have lost my magic touch. *sigh* Nothing practice can't fix!!

Anywhooo, this week I present you Star Wars Theme. (Ok, this totally wasn't the one I was looking for either, but it is pretty darn close).

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