Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 365: #55 Charming for a charm bracelet

I always wanted a charm bracelet. I had one a few years ago then I lost it, or something happened to it because I couldn't find it...I was sad. It was gold colored (not gold =__=) although I wish it was and it had some pretty charms, Christmas tree, dog and a handbag or something. I wish I had a picture of it but I don't. So...lately I have seen a lot of people posting pictures of charm bracelet on their blogs and I was looking at pictures of charms and stuff. I did tell CLK about the desire to get my grubby hands on one. He kinda surprised be by saying he was thinking of getting it for me...even before I told him that. :D lightbulb! I was gleeful...>:D

We went looking for them here where I live but couldn't find any that would satisfied us both so when we left for our lil vacation he was determine to find one. Being a pessimistic person (at times) I told him it would take a looooong time going in and out of stores at a huge mall (imagine 6-7 stories of long corridors and not just one but tons of malls!) and he, being an optimist says it would be okay. And the first store he walked in, he found one he liked. =___='' Now he says my pessimism and his optimism works wonders...that happens too when we were looking for shot glasses...that's another story.

Inside I was like OMG I am getting a charm bracelet (dancing happy Irish jig) and while looking around they didn't have a large variety of charms and bracelet. There was only 2 different chain, I chose the larger one with 2 charms. He chose the dragon fly because it matched the earring his parents gave me and I chose the key because I like keys.

Now I am excited to fill up the bracelet with more charms ^^ and hoping I find some very interesting charms along the way. Do you own a charm bracelet or have a favorite bracelet?


Keirasluckycharm said...

Oh its pretty! i am glad you got one. You should show us every time you get a charm... like i do. You both are so great together. I hope you enjoy your bracelet and take good care of it.


a!k0 said...

Aww thank you :) I will. I am glad I got one too :D It will take awhile to fill it up but I will get to it :D eventually ;). I am loving your bracelet too!

Straylights said...

I once had a plastic charm bracelet. I remember it was red and all the charms were already on it. I think my cousin stole it. What a jerk.

Yours is prettier :D

a!k0 said...

Straylights: Awww...yeah that's not a nice thing to do. And thank you :D I am just hoarding jewelry now :P

Mimi said...

thinking about it, i actually never had a charm bracelet! i love juicy couture's charm bracelets, though! :D

<3, Mimi

a!k0 said...

@Mimi: :D I think it's personal and unique, you should definitely get one! Ooo I should try taking a peak for a charm or two :D