Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project 365: #59 OMGgaihfaihdfoidhfi

Ok I realized I am 10 days behind. 10 DAYS! =___='' I feel bad..and I have been a bad blogger *spank self*

~~ A ton of pictures, thank you! ~~

So in realizing I am behind...way behind...I am going to post pictures of food. :D Aww come on, everyone love food pictures :P Hehehe..I am still wondering why this isn't a food blog. :P So here goes. We went to this pretty cute restaurant, Delicious. The food was pretty delicious not OMFGdelicious!!! :P They did have 'seriously-good-cheeseburger' or something that CLK ordered. I totally forgot the actual name of it but they guarantee the cheeseburger was delicious...and it was pretty decent.

Now for the food...yummers~

The seriously delicious cheeseburger (?)

Shepard pie, now I gotta make this again!! It was good :D

And my chicken burger, I think

Some drinks, mine is the apple juice :)

Then we went bowling. Well we went bowling after we played a game of pool. It was my first time and it did not go good. :P But I had fun and well I need practice. I really want a pool table now, like seriously. Babe, get a pool table please. Thank you.

Star Wars stuff thingy...got a picture with the lights on :D

The last time I bowled was when I was 11 years old like eons ago!! So this was the first time I have bowled in more than 10 years!! =___= And I sucked! XD I need more bowling time. More bowling please!!


Ayu~Emma said...

those foods pics made me hungry >.<

hu~I'm suck in bowling but I enjoy playing it ^^

Chris said...

Food, Food, Food! =D I always get really nervous when the waiters look at me taking pictures of the food, I'm like sorry I want to capture this! Getting much better at bowling every time I go! =D

a!k0 said...

YAY i am back!

@Ayu: ahaha I made you want to eat XD yeah I suck bad then my thumb hurts bad too!

@Chris: LOL Yeah I know! I always gets nervous when I want to take pictures in public, like I have to have a sign on my forehead 'for my blog!' lol :D I need to bowl more then beat my bf!!

Keirasluckycharm said...

You made me hungry! i love food and i am glad your back. Lets finish this project lol <3

a!k0 said...

@Keirasluckycharm: :D I know, I always make people go hungry when they read my posts..Yes! Lets finish it, nothing much just 300 days to go :P