Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project 365: #61 Sri Melaka

~~ Warning this post may have unwanted pictures of food that may make you feel hungry. ~~

CLK and I try to stay away from pizza and sushi when it's time to eat. One of the places we tried was Sri Melaka. It's a really nice restaurant that serve authentic Melaka dishes (as they states) which are pretty nice. I don't really know what's authentic but they were good. :D I was craving tom yam (which is a Thai dish) and they had that on the menu.

This place was one of the best because they had a service button. I mean where else do you see that on a table? Just press and someone will come to your table. If there are many restaurant that have those, clearly I need to go there. :P

This is what we ordered:

Egg rolls, and I am reminded of the egg roll joke he told me =___=''

I ordered the tom yam seafood with rice noodles which was delicious, and came in a huge bowl. I am sad I didn't finish it. :P

CLK ordered a salted fish fried rice. They fried the fried salted fish in the rice. He said it was a tad too salty once you get going...well there are pieces of salted fish in the rice. It is actually very nice.

*sigh* Don't we both look happy? LOL We just got over a lil argument and I was trying to 'stay in the moment' and not to act all I-don't-want-to-talk-to-you-now and he has his I-am-a-lil-frustrated-with-you face. At least we made up after we ate.

Then for dessert we got gelato although this is not the best gelato I had. I wish we got the chance to try more just slipped our minds. :D And I wanted crepes!! =____='' What's your favorite desserts?


Marie said...

Any cake or ice cream!:D

These are nice food pictures, all I can say is you know how to eat good!:D

***** Marie *****

Ayu~Emma said...

Spring rolls~~> kyaaaaaaa~
Gelato~~? kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~
I'm hungry.. you always make me hungry with your foods post >.<

a!k0 said...

@Marie: I agree with you! Savory stuff is pretty good for dessert :D LOL I need to tone down the knowing how to eat good.I need to shed some pounds :P

@Ayu: LOL I told you this post will make you hungry :P but the food is not bad...I like it :D and Gelato is ice cream hehehe