Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365: #62 Kitt showing some love

So I am gonna divert a lil bit from my vacation pictures. =___= Sometimes I just get caught up in that moment that it makes me sad. It's a lil sad to know that good times with my man is gonna come at a much later date, sooooooo...I have divert you guys on my adorable and handsome little man, Kitt. :)

Mama, can I haz some food?

He has grown a lot in a week I was gone. He is fluffier and his head seem to not grown so much :P. And I also indulge myself with some chocolate. :)

Now..I would love me some chocolate. More chocolate. :) How is everyone doing after the shocking tsunami and earthquake?


Ayu~Emma said...

Kit is so adorable and please send me some chocs!! x) lol

Chris said...

So sweet! This makes me miss my dogs back home D'=

a!k0 said...

@Ayu: You are in KL XD you should get me some chocolate :P

@Chris: :) The understand, if I had to leave him and home I would miss him too

Mimi said...

i really really want chocolate too! and i'm so mad because i went to the store today, and i forgot to get some! :/

my prayers go out to all the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan.

<3, Mimi