Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog-surfing: Giveaway - Fashioned in Finland

Actually I did not go blog surfing, this came up on my Twitter feed :) Fashioned in Finland is hosting an April giveaway.

List of products:

  • essence nail art magnet

  • essence nail art magnet nail polish 05 pixie dust

  • essence nail art magnet nail polish 03 magic wand

  • essence nail art magnet nail polish 02 hex hex!

  • essence mini lipgloss set 01 devil's love & kisses

  • essence mini lipgloss set 02 angel's kisses in heaven

  • essence fairytale eyeshadow 01 tinka's dress

  • essence fairytale eyeshadow 02 welcome to wondwerland

  • essence fairytale eyeshadow 03 humpty dumpty

The lucky winner will be announced in May so you have a month to enter! Click the picture to go to the giveaway :)


Anonymous said...

oh that looks like a fun giveaway(:
you have a wonderful blog with a lot of fun posts(: i think its so great!!


a!k0 said...

Thank you :)