Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 365: #66 The archive of lost pictures

These pictures were taken a week after my vacay, when I was in the height of my sickness. I was sick for 9 days, I think it's the longest I have been sick in awhile and the first of 2011. Lucky me eh? I was hanging out with L, J's sister. I never really hung out with her before but after that night, I think we had some things in common and she's uber fun to hang out with too. :)

We went to The Club, a lounge and they had a live band there, who happened to be her friends. Great voices I might add.

Then we ordered drinks, a mocktail and cocktail. I had the mocktail because I don't drink :)

I was skeptical because it was green and there were cucumber in it. It tasted too much of cucumber and a hint of green apple and celery. I wish the green apple taste would over power the cucumber because I hate cucumber!!

And this one seriously smelled like cough syrup, err not very pleasant I tell ya.

Aqua Marine Cocktail & Forest Green Mocktail

Overall it was a fun night, after getting home that night I got sick - for another 4 days!


Marie said...

The drinks look cute but wow, cough syrup? No, thank you.;D

***** Marie *****

Straylights said...

Cucumber is for your eyes, not for drinks!

Hello Naka said...

wow i hope u feel alot better! and the cocktails looks so gd :3

a!k0 said...

@Marie: I know! I think my friend was sucked by how blue the color was :P and it tasted nasty, she said so and the whiff was cough syrup like so no thanks! I wish they tasted better tho.

@Straylights: LOL I despise cucumber as drinks, altho food accompany with other food I don't mind.

@Hello Naka: I do now :) Thank you! The cocktail looks good ;)