Friday, September 21, 2012

Playlist Friday: Daniel Bedingfield - If you're not the one

Happy Friday everyone!! Been trying not to slack on my playlist Friday y'all. :D This week I want to share with you one of my favorite love song. Well one of my favorite :D I have a ton!

When I was in school there was a guy that I had a total crush on. Okay I must tell ya, he was not the most good looking guy on campus nor was he the hottest guy but I don't know why I had such a crush on him. My bff at the time knew about it and we would stalk him (yes! literally stalk him!! LOL). We were on the same faculty and out faculty was pretty small and at that time our campus was just starting to come together so there was no other students around, which was kinda sad cause I would totally go flirtin' around other guys from other faculties (I heard the mechanical engineering students were pretty cute!). Okay to make the story short he knew I was stalking him and his friends knew and he would sometimes smile at me. OMG! my heard would go crazy!! HAHAHA thinking about it now I feel kinda dumb. LOL.

So anyway I would listen to this song over and over again. HAHA like a love sick puppy (ok it WASN'T love obviously) but it was embarrassing when some of my housemates knew about it. :P It makes a fun story though. I think I liked him A LOT because he was tall...very tall. I think he was about 6'1". One of my guy bff would often tell me he was over 6' too and I am not swooning over him. Haha...we'll I love my bff :) he is amazing and keeps calling me 'shorty' cause I am obviously shorter than him. Hah!

But anyway enough of the silly stories. I hope you enjoy the song! Definitely is a sad love song I think. But I still love it!

p.s. Oh we never went out or anything. Which was not so bad. Did chatted with him online a couple times. Kinda turned me off. HAHAHAHA.

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