Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday randoms

Hey y''s your Sunday goin'? I heard that football season has started?! Mine started about 4 weeks ago :D (talkin' about soccer!). So go (insert your favorite football team here) !! So anyway since CLK supports Green Bay Packers, I say go Packers!! XD hahaha. My dad does too..well that is largely because we lived in Wisconsin for a couple of years and you technically support the local teams (although my dad liked the Chicago Bulls a lot - when they were famous back then). Although I am glad CLK isn't a total football head (not a fanatic- *phew) so missing football isn't such a big deal. I am a crazy Arsenal fan though...I am not a crazy fanatic either but if you wanna talk football (aka soccer) I can talk for hours!!

Anyway enough about football. I don't know a lot about it to save my life :P or hair. Haha...I was just here on Sunday cause I have been MIA for a long time! I have a few pictures to share. My sister have flown back to India a few days back and I miss her a lot. We didn't take a whole lot of photos but we must when she comes back for my sister's wedding in December. She was sad because they lost her luggage and hoping that they find it a.s.a.p.

Random picture we did one night :) This took a really long time to do! But we love how it turned out! Haha...If you are wondering how we did it, this is from an app on iPad/ iPhone. :D

What are you guys doing this fine Sunday?

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