Saturday, July 6, 2013

Movie Date: The Croods

It has been awhile since I posted a post about movies. Not that I have not been watching any, some of them were just meh in my opinion. For instance I have seen The Croods around when they came out but I didn't think I would like the 'caveman' story. It just reminded me of that movie with Jack Black... I can't remember the name of it but yeah, it didn't look really interesting. So then someone told me that The Croods was awesome. Well it took me this long to watch it. And I tell you what, it is awesome!! I mean it doesn't take a lot for me to love animation so...I love this!!! Not as much as Finding Nemo or Despicable me but I like it enough to say I laugh (a lot!) and I felt sad...I didn't cry though. It was just awesome.

In my book I would probably watch it again :D (it is high up there on the list of my must watch!).

I love Douglas and Belt (tan tan taaaa) and the big cat!! Ok I think he is suppose to be like a sabertooth or something but he is so cute!!

If you like carefree movies and love to watch it with the family this is it! I think the little ones will love this, I mean I am not little and I still love this! If you are looking for something complicated this might not be it but you could still watch it and see if you like it. :D I didn't know who was the actors behind the characters but as I watch the credits towards the end of the movie surprise, surprise. Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicholas Cage are the voices behind the main characters. Score!

In my opinion this is an awesome lazy weekend movie. Definitely would watch this again with my man...I think he would enjoy it. :D Lazy weekend for me peeps!!

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