Friday, August 27, 2010

Game 2 in hand: Arsenal vs Blackpool

Can we say Walcott?! W A L C O T T!! Walcott was awesome!! Since the first game was kinda disappointing (cause they didn't least they didn't lose right?) the second game was AWESOME! and then some. XD They won like 6 - 0. I didn't really think they would win that big...but yay! I was literally screaming from my seat...haha. I have to give Blackpool credit for the awesome display of footworks but the score reflect which was a better team. A R S E N A L!!

Walcott scored 3 goals that night, Arshavin 1, Diaby 1 and Chamakh for a corner kick by Van Persie. Can't wait for their next match this weekend. Saturday...wonder if their matches are all on Saturdays? :) Woohooo! Next Saturday they play Blackburn Rovers. :)

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