Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kuching Food Festival

I got a text today that sounds like this:

"Wanna go to the food fair?" - Jaq

Ok not exactly like that but close enough, I was like "Hell yeah!" and literally was shaken with excitement. I mean, 1. I've never been to the city food fair before, 2. I was so bored (was actually at a saloon with my sister and I got my hair cut! No more long curly hair *sob sob sob*), 3. I actually have somewhere to go! See my Kuching isn't as boring as I thought it was! XD

It feels like I am at a foreign land, Taiwan? XD

Kidding, Kuching isn't that boring. Last week there was the Regatta, that I didn't go because my cousin's wedding was going on. Then other stuff just keep popping up like mushrooms around here. I need to keep my eyes open. :D

Looking for something special.

So yeah we went there, at about 7pm. It was already packed with people and food and people with food!! XD my kinda place. Yummersss...... everywhere!We actually had a hard time finding anything to eat. You would think with tons of stalls selling food you'd go "Yes! I want that." but you know it's not true. You would contemplate on getting this or that then at the end you end up with nothing. LOL but we didn't end up with nothing. My friend Jaq wanted something "special" but we didn't know what that special something is. So we walked around for a bit and ended up at this one stall. They sell a bunch of hotdogs, crab cakes, and other delicious finger food. I was a lil skeptical cause I was afraid that I couldn't eat any and it turns out that they were vegetarian food. Heaven! We ordered a few sticks and they taste just like hotdogs and meat but they weren't. I love vegetarian food!

Our vegetarian finger food, taste like chicken!

We couldn't find a place to sit so we walked summore. There was sushi place, and Korean food stall, Thai food stall, some local foods such as satay and such, a ton of stalls. We ended up at a stall that sells octo-balls. :P We made a fun of the And I said they cut up Paul the octopus to make the balls. o.O Poor Paul (I hope you are still safe in Germany!). She had that and I bought some Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet - yums! It is a dessert like candy and it actually look like it had whiskers. Haha which was kinda funny when I was eating it.

Squid balls XD

My peanut ice cream that kinda taste like coconut, but real good. :D

They are making emperor dragon whisker sweet - my fave!

The peanut ice cream wrapped in a pancake thingy, maybe crepe?

Hanging out at Kado.

A distance away there was this lady selling peanut ice-cream. And I love me some ice-cream so I bought it. It was pretty good. Taste a lil like coconut and peanut with vanilla ice-cream but not bad. Not really a big fan of coconut but it was manageable. :D The vanilla ice cream was place on top of ground nuts and then rolled in a pancake like thingy. Yumms~~

We ended up going to this one cafe named Kado (which I have never been to before) when it started to drizzle and it was a false alarm. It didn't even rain...bleh! Kado was a great hangout place. The ambiance is really nice, romantic and stylish. They have different sections and we sat at the back room where the setting was very romantic. It has like a Moroccan style setting where you can choose to sit on the floor or a lil sitting area with sectional dividers for privacy. Really looking forward to bring CLK for dinner there.

Altho we didn't eat anything cause we just had some stuff at the fair it was a nice place to chill. :D Definitely going back there with my cousin and friends. To boot it has free wifi. LOL added bonus! Then I got so sleepy from talking that we decided to head home. This might actually be a really interesting Sunday for me. XD

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