Monday, August 30, 2010

Movie Date: UP!

OMGoshICantBelieveIHadNotWatchThisMovieBeforeToday!! I love this movie!!! It just made me laugh, and smile and tear up a lil bit. It's just so cute I just want to cuddle that fat dog!! And little mailman!! XD Oh I don't know how I could miss this movie when it was airing on the Disney Channel. My brother and sister both have watched it! But not ME!

I love Disney movies. My fave thus far is probably Toy Story. Who doesn't love toys that comes to live? :D And Up is one that's almost up there. Up up and away ;). I just love how the Carl is so stubborn and yet loving at the same time. I guess he is bitter cause he is alone and that kid just came into his life. Aww so sweet. Tugs at my heart. :) I'd love to watch it again. Like all Disney movies, you can never watch them too many times.

Image here

This movie is a must watch for those family nights. <3<3

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