Friday, August 6, 2010

End of the month wedding

July 31st my cousin's wedding. :) I was in the month you know, so I was skeptical about going to the wedding but since he's my cousin might as well. And it turns out I had a great time!! I met all these family/extended family/relatives that I haven't seen in a long time. :) Really give me the feeling of being home, away from home. <3 My aunts that I have not seen in years, look real good and some grand aunts that I forgotten I am related to (yeah I have a huge extended family that sometimes I don't recognize people, and they recognize me..I know I am bad with names).

So I ended up going there for about 5 hours, for a wedding. Longest wedding I have ever been to. And they are not even mine! Anyway, hung out with cousins that I rarely hung out with, found out one of my cousins' wife had a baby boy (yay nephew!), took pics (non of it is any good but I'll share cause I am great like that) and ate a lot of yummy food. :D Traditional cakes and cookies if you wanna call it that. ^_^ I couldn't be happier.

*bride and groom has arrived*

*sitting there and looking pretty - typical Malay wedding*

*food, it was pretty good*

*snacks courtesy of the groom's mom, my aunt :D*

*these are REALLY good, and they look real normal*

It was a great weekend, and I am marked for 2 more family weddings till December. Ooo, can't wait.

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