Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365: #50 Boyfriend withdrawal syndrome

CLK and I left for home on the same day, our flights are 35minutes apart, which kinda sucks. I guess you can't get any closer than that, right? He left me at my departure gate and just nearly missed his. No worries he's on his way. I am sitting here, on my bed at home, after what seems like a long week...with panda eyes. I think I lack sleep and been crying too much.

Although what good it bring is that I have kittens. I want to share that with you!

I am happy yet sad at the same time, aren't they adorable?


Jessica said...

:-( Sorry you are missing your boyfriend. I hope you get to see him very soon.

Your kittens are absolutely adorable.

Straylights said...

I guess this means you will have to be taking a trip out here eh? :) Lots of places to get pizza :D

The kitties are adorable!

a!k0 said...

@Sunny&Star: Me too :) and the kitties are too cute arent they? :D

@Straylights: :p Guess so, lets hope soon-ish...ahh pizza they can destroy you XD

I just love lil kitties!