Friday, July 27, 2012

Playlist Friday: All Saints - Never ever

Happy Friday everyone!! I am not gonna miss another Friday...I will try at least :D So today is the opening ceremony of the Olympic 2012 in England. OMG...can't believe 4 years have passed!! I remembered the last since I am way ahead of you guys (but I am still writing this in US time - if that makes sense?) the opening ceremony is soooooo late. I am quite sleepy. I think I should just change my location for my blog :P it would be easier. LOL.

So in conjunction of Olympic games being held in Britain (I think is the proper way to say it) today's song is gonna be from a girl group that comes from Britain, All Saints (if I am wrong please correct me). I don't know if you have heard of this group before but I use to love a few songs from them (and I still do! but I don't play them as often). I use to listen to them religiously for months at a time sometimes. I have a playlist for times of months. It is crazy I tell ya. I could listen to some songs for months or a hundred times a day. I am not kidding. You should ask my roommates :P.

Please excuse the crappy video for this song. I love the song, I think they could do better on the video to be honest. I usually have a phase where I listen to songs for long period of time then never listen to them again for years. This song have been playing on the radio recently and make me want to listen to them again. Weird huh? What is your oldies but goodies song(s)? Hope you enjoy my pick this is not bad really. Just don't concentrate on the video :P.


Marie said...

Oh my gosh, I liked this song too.:D

- Marie

a!k0 said...

YAY~ I thought I was the only one :P