Friday, July 6, 2012

Playlist Friday: Silverchair - Miss you love

And that's how I feel. I miss you, love. Can you believe it's Friday again? Seems like I say that every Friday. :) I wish the world would just slow down and relax and sniff some flowers. Anyway today I want to share one of my favorite song from Silverchair. If you are not familiar with this band I think they are from Australia (of course like always I am not familiar with the band either LOL). I am not a huge fan of any bands but the songs. I am mostly fans of bands that have awesome songs or that I gravitate to :D. Weird huh? I have a friend who is a huge fan girl (if you are reading, hello!! ) but I am not. I think I use to be when I was younger.  Anyway going off topic :P. This song holds a dear place in my heart, and I think when I went through some bad times when I was still in school I listened to this song a lot.

I can never figure out the meaning behind the lyrics of the song. But I love it anyway. There's something about a dark/rejected/torn apart love story that pulls me in. I like sad songs :P haha. Weird huh? Have you heard of this band and if so what is your favorite song(s) from them?

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