Monday, July 23, 2012

Quench your thirst

It has been hot lately. And when it is so hot, I usually go to this place near my grandma's house, it's called Swee Kang. If you live in Kuching, you know it is famous for its ABC or shaved ice. Seriously...if I was not fasting, I would go get myself a bowl or two.

Lately this is my favorite. It is called the 'special'. Inside is a variety of fruits and other fun stuff. It usually has watermelon, pineapple, and some jelly things. Other times there are mango, lychee, jack-fruit or grapes. :D Seriously it is very special. I love the pineapple in it even though I dislike eating pineapple alone. It's the sour, sweet taste that makes it yummy-licious! What's your favorite thing to eat on hot (summer) days?

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