Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie Date: The Dark Knight

Honestly I don't watch Batman movies. But, I love this movie. I think Heath Ledger's character is freakin' awesome. I never knew why I never watched this earlier and I bet everybody wanted to watch that movie when it came out. Watching it makes me despise the Joker, and it makes me wanna punch him in the face. It is sad that he left the world at an early age.

I think this has to be best Batman movie out there, making me think other Batman movies could not compete with this one. Maybe it's Heath Ledger's final performance, maybe it's just an awesome story like we would never know. If you have not watch this (I am sure you all have!) you should. :) I think I might have to watch this the second time. Just to be sure I don't miss anything.

My favorite quote from the movie:

James Gordon Jr.: [Batman runs off into the darkness as James Jr. joins his father by Harvey Dent's body] Batman? Why's he running Dad?
Lt. James Gordon: [Staring after Batman] Because we have to chase him.
James Gordon Jr.: But he didn't do anything wrong
Lt. James Gordon: Because he's the hero Gotham deserves. But not the one it needs right now. And so we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent gaurdian. A watchful protector. A dark knight 


I actually memorized pretty much some of it and had to look it up to be sure :P I am awesome (insert gagging sound) LOL. Have you watch this movie? I think it is freakin' awesome. :) And...I didn't know the Dark Knight is actually Batman.


Keirasluckycharm said...

I need to watch this movie again too. I felt as i didn't pay as much attention as i should have.

a!k0 said...

I know, me too. I didn't think I would like it cause I never liked any of the batman movies...and since I know there are a ton of spoofs to look after :P I am gonna have to watch it again!