Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project 365: #137 Soto

Every Eid, my aunt would make soto. Her soto is the most mouth watering soto I have ever tasted (not that I taste a bunch of sotos all over the place) seriously delicious. :) This is chicken soto or soto ayam (Googling this very moment...). It is a variation of an Indonesian cuisine (read here). Other names for it: sroto, tauto or coto.

It is kinda like a family tradition that this is served every Eid morning :) and you don't want to miss it! It is delicious.

Soto ayam is chicken in a yellow spicy broth with lontong, nasi empit, ketupat (rice compressed by cooking wrapped tightly in a leaf, then sliced into small cakes), or vermicelli, commonly found in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. (Wikipedia)

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