Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project 365: #141 New Strings


How happy am I that my violin is getting new strings??? VERY happy! It all happened when the violin somehow went out of tune cause the string were slipping (I do not know the correct term for that sorry) and my friend had to tune it. She complained that my string was rusty (yes indeed it was but they still sound good!) and said I should overhaul it (change new strings). Being a procrastinator that I am I do not know when I will swing by the music store (I have never been there) and she was nice enough to ask for a set of new strings for me. Oh I love you so deary! Now, I need these suckers on my violin.

The strings that are on the violin are the original ones (except for the A string cause it snapped years ago). It must have been bought together with it (or it may have been older) and that was almost 10 years ago or more. My dad bought it in Germany and I am very proud of it (and also CLK is half German? XD hahahahahahaha). I would love to get a new one hopefully soon, somewhere in the future. Another love for another time. (I would insert a picture of my violin but I think it has made its way into my blog one time or another. Will have to take another picture of the before and after overhaul :D).


Janel said...

That's great! New stuff is almost always nice for anything hehe.

a!k0 said...

:D i know I am super excited to have it on but I might have to wait for after the show