Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365: #75 Ladies night out Take 1

Ok, since Chris was saying this P365 was a lot of work to keep up, I am posting this picture :P. It is, since I have been distracted and doing useless things other than blogging then forgot to take pictures (yes I am lazy since CLK has left) so it is lagging in posting. But better yet, no excuses. I am just lazy :P.

This was a picture of my cousin and I that was taken at the local McDonald (before the lady in yellow that's behind us hijacked our time to talk about her slimming product/sessions) =____='' Are we in dire need to lose weight?? *sob sob, run away!*

I am suppose to get ready for my family 60s theme dinner tonight and I have no idea what to wear. LOL I wanted a polka dot dress but I lost the only one I had so, leggings and a really short dress. I wanted to wear purple leggings but Edie Sedgwick wore black ones in the 60s. =____= Black is so common since I wear them to purple it is! :P

Let's hope I get a ton of pictures of tonight!!!


Ayu~Emma said...

Both of you~~>GORGEOUS <3

wah~dinner. make sure you wear that vincci earrings ^^ and post about it! have fun!

Chris said...

No you don't need to lose weight! Stupid woman advertising her classes, but sorry about my 365 comment! I just meant it was difficult and I could never do it! haha

a!k0 said...

@Ayu: Aww thank you <3 I lap you :P Ahhhh...I actually forgot about that Vincci earrings :P I wore my Forever21 earrings instead :P

@Chris: Ah no worries :P I was just saying that I need to keep up my promise :D hehe It is difficult since I don't have interesting things to post unless i just take a pic of random things in my bedroom :P

I do need to lose weight, approximately 15kg!

Ayu~Emma said...

awww~I lap you too xP
ah~it's ok can wear the earrings next time..but don't forget to blog about the dinner ^^