Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project 365: #87 Spiral stairs

About a month ago I had to go to this briefing at Merdeka Palace, a hotel pretty near to where I live. I love hotels, I mean who wouldn't right? I didn't get to spend the night there but the lunch was free :D hey, who doesn't like free lunch, at a hotel? ;)

One of the things I love about this hotel is the spiral stairs. It's something I always want, a house with spiral stairs and high ceiling window overlooking a scenic view. My dream house. But yes, not to happen in this life time.


We had tea during our briefing, and the food was pretty good. Although they gave us meatballs...I don't know how that works. If they had pita bread or some sort of bread then I would understand, or spaghetti. Mmmm...but the meatballs were a lil (lot) salty. But during tea time, they had cheese cake :D Me likey!

Mmmm...I just love food. :D This post was about spiral stairs right? LOL What's your thought about spiral stairs? I know CLK hates them with a passion :P


Straylights said...

Boo spiral stairs! They are pretty to look at, but such a pain to walk up :)

We had a skinny spiral stairs in our house for a little bit but it was so hard to get up! We just have a normal staircase now yay!

Ayu~Emma said...

spiral stairs!!! nice and yes..gotta agree with the above comment~it's such a pain to climb the spiral stairs x)

a!k0 said...

@Straylights: Yeah cor told me about that :P and all those renovation, I don't know how you can live in it ;D
Yeah they are a pain to walk up that's why I like those huge ass marble spiral stairs!! they make me dizzy tho :P

@Ayu: Hey...don't burst my bubbles about spiral stairs :P