Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thought of the day: Snow White

So I am gonna break away from my Project 365 (which I am already wayyyyyyy behind...because my life just get so boring you don't need to know what I do everyday although I will post pictures to make up for all the days missing :D) to talk about my thoughts about Snow White. :)

You know Snow White:

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So cute and innocent, with all the cutesy animals in the forest then BAMMM! someone is out to kill her....of course we know what happened...bla bla bla...happily ever after. :) Although you would have to agree with me Prince Charming isn't the most handsome Disney prince. Right? Agreed? No?

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Although I think they revamped Prince Charming in later movies...maybe make him more charming? But there is Prince Eric :D Oh Prince Eric...

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Oooo...aaaaa... I think it's that dark hair-blue eye combination that gets me going... 0__o. Then there's Alladin, I think he wasn't so shabby...except maybe his clothes... I mean he is poor...and not a prince even..hmmm.

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Oh Aladdin *drools* Then there was Shang, for a dynasty man, pretty hot stuff ...and the body ooooo :P hehehe..Mulan, I like!

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And I think Hercules is hot...although he is not a prince, neither was Shang. Hmmm...ok so I am off course here. XD I was talking about Snow White...ahahaha. Ok on to topic. Do you know what's been going on with Snow White?? Movies in the making of course! Duhh... Apparently there will be 2 movies coming out next year, The Brothers Grimm: Snow White (June 29, 2012) and Snow White and the Huntsman (December 21, 2012). So which one do you want to see?

Or whom do you prefer?

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See people, we have a problem in our hands. And not to mention all the awesomness cast in both movies:

The Brothers Grimm: Snow White - Armie Hammer, Julia Roberts
Snow White and the Huntsman - Hugh Jackman (unconfirmed replacing Viggo Mortensen), Charlize Theron
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So yeah...I don't know if the trailer for these two are available yet...I can't find them so maybe not. I am curious to see how these two movies live up to the innocent and quirkyness of the Disney movie, they didn't even mention the seven dwarfs...aww, the best part. I can't name all of them...lets try; Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, and errr...who's the last one? Oh, Bashful. I always am missing the 7th one (and I cheated cause I Googled LOL). 

So what are your thoughts for these two movies? I am not really looking forward to watch Bella...ermm Kristen Steward..although she might be a good Snow White but I am looking forward to watch Lily Collins. :) But we shall see!!! I might not see either I did with Rango. Oh Rango =_____=''

Yes I am intimidating you with a huge picture of Johnny Depp Rango.


Straylights said...

Prince Eric! Prince Eric! I just bought a Little Mermaid shirt today. :) it's my fav Disney movie!

And Kristen Stewart? Please, she couldnt act if her life depended on it!

Word verification: corie- Ha spelled wrong but still eerie don't you think? :D

Pepper said...

Shang! I love Shang, especially because he's not royalty, he didn't have genie, or godly power. He's a men of his own merit. Deep respect.

I watched Rango and I could see Captain Sparrow, Edwars Scissorhand, Willy Wonka in that lizard...Johnny Depp is too charismatic...drool.

a!k0 said...

@Straylights: Right? I think he must be my #1, numero uno price out of them all...muahaha! Although I wanted to include Simba but he's a lion :P Aahahaha..I don't like Kristen Steward acting either, so might just see how the reviews go. Hahaha, the word verification also goes on eerie mode...but awesome XD

@Pepper: Ahhhh noooo...I want to watch Rango toooooo =____='' I think Johnny Depp have split personalities and when I saw Rango I was like OMG Jack Sparrow. LOL

Yeah Shang is hot... XD

Chris said...

aaaaah memories of all these disney movies, Mulan was one of my faves! =D I never really got round to watching aladdin, and poor project 365 its really hard to do!

a!k0 said...

@Chris: You have to watch Aladdin, just Aladdin because the songs are catchy :P and yes, I am discourage because I have to resize all the pictures. Don't worry I will get around to it ;)

Sebastian said...

Ahhh Aladdin! I can't believe you didn't include photos of JASMINE! My first (and still one of my favorite) crushes.

I watched Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast every day for years. Then, when they came out on DVD, I ripped the soundtracks and listened to them in the background for years.

It's a shame that Disney hasn't made anything great since :(