Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365: #76 Earl and Edna Eagle

CLK and I are obsessed with Earl and Edna. You don't know Earl and Edna? Looky here. It's a live feed of 2 eagle couple, we named Earl and Edna Eagle (hello? genius!) :D And their 3 baby eagles *awwwww* It's all CLK's fault!! He made me monitor them. >.<'' Oh here's some print screen picture of Earl/Edna...since we can't tell the difference =____=''

Watching the birds makes me very happy ^^. I am gonna stalk her them again tonight!!


Ayu~Emma said...

wah~never knw you can watch these animals live ^^
back then I used to monitor this library somewhere in UK..
check whether got ghost appeared or not~~ crazy me =.= ~~>my fren gave the link

Chris said...

ADORABLE EAGLES you have just introduced me to my new addiction.... thanks... haha

a!k0 said...

@Ayu: yes, apparently you can :P theres also hummingbird and owls..but i am watching the eagles :D
ooo I didnt know you could watch ghost :P

@Chris: Ahahaha now you have a new addiction, like me XD

Ayu~Emma said...

ikr?I mean the ghost x) stupid me =.=
Back then it was kinda famous~my fren said she saw it~well yeah. She said tho.. lol