Saturday, April 16, 2011

Project 365: #83 Anniversary Dinner

Last Saturday, my granduncle celebrated his wedding anniversary and my cousin's birthday by having a 60's theme dinner at Riverside Majestic Hotel (too bad it was too dark and raining for me to take a picture of the hotel itself). It was a rather annoying night for me (and I am somewhat annoyed at this moment) but I manage to get my butt over there. There was a rather large (family) crowd, and I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because my battery died during the dinner. And no food pictures I actually do have food pictures, massive ones :D. By the way, the food wasn't very interesting nor was it very very delicious but it wasn't that bad either :D

Here's a look I did. It turned out better than expected, although I look greyish? I don't usually put on a lot of make up, this was a lot for me. I wanted to do a bright look but at the end decided to look up a tutorial on Edie Sedgwick on YouTube and try (try is the word here) to recreate the look. I thought it turned out pretty decent. I didn't take an up close picture of my face, because I am conscious like that :P.

These are some of the pictures my aunt's boifren took of the dinner party (I stole from her FB XD) and looks much better than my pictures I might add :





A few cousins perform on the mini stage :)


There was some singing - my adorable cousin!


A ton of prizes was given away too

And to my pictures of the night (which isn't that good but manageable!):

Some food ~~

My lil cousin ^^

My fave picture of the night, after all the food :3

And I got balloons ~

Sorry about the crappy pictures, I had to resize them. :) Overall it was a fun night, we had some laughs and a ton of food. A lot of crazy kids about and I didn't come home with anything. I could but I didn't want to carry anything, because I was carrying a handful of balloons!! My grandma and aunt couldn't even fit in the back seat of the car! XD hahaha, it was fun, I might have to balloon-napped these balloons and hang them in my room. Currently they are on the coat rack downstairs in the living room. :)

I hope we have this type of family gathering in the future. More would be nice. I get to mingle with relatives I don't even know are related to me XD and the food is free. :P Hehe... Have you ever had a massive family gathering before?


Amylou said...

You look very nice! I love grey and black together!

Hello Naka said...

awh cute :3 i hope u had a great time but im pretty sure u did :3 and nice ballons ^^ i like ur jewllery too :3

Mimi said...

that looks super fun! themed parties are always really interesting and fun! :D

<3, Mimi

a!k0 said...

@Amylou: :D Thank you, it was my first time trying it out and I like it :)

@Hello Naka: It was fun I am glad I went..Thanks, the many strands on my neck is actually from the top :D

@Mimi: It was my first ever theme party and I gotta say I like it :D