Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365: #77 Jumper

Have you met Jumper?

Yes this little mischievous kitten. She was one of 4 Kick's kitten. I said one, and I twitted about the 2 kittens went missing Thursday. :-/ I don't know how it happened, but I think they were asleep under the car, the hallow of the car and they might have fallen off as I was driving away. *sob sob* I hope they just wandered off or someone found them wandering off cause the thought of them falling out of a moving car is scary and sad.

So this lil kitten is named Jumper. I named him Jumper because he likes to jump, jump on things, jump on people and jump like a rabbit. Did I mention he is a scared lil cat? Yup he is such a goof ball :P He is scared of everything, loud noises, dragging noises and car horns, he would jump and run under the chair. Although he is very, very naughty. If he sees you walking, he would jump at you and chase after you. *sigh*

Those two pictures I caught of him pooping in my mom's flower pot...hahaha. At least he doesn't do it everywhere...and he pees in this lil box that has plastic cover and newspaper. That he was suppose to sleep in....grrr. He is a big boy now. :) It is kinda sad because he has no one to play with since he would chase all of my Persian cats away. Even they are scared of him.

P.s Oh, did I forget to mention that now he is too big for that lil pot and he found a bigger one XD


Ayu~Emma said...

cheeky lil cat x)
still, so cute.

a!k0 said...

I know...haha he's so naughty.