Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project 365: #81 Hello Gorgeous

I woke up this morning and put on this off shoulder purple top my sister gave me, and took my youngest sister to work. It is the same top I wore in my lunch picture XD hahaha...although you can't see the off shoulder part. I am in the process of watermarking (?) my pictures, so I will have samples to share :D. Then I had toast and butter ^^, My favorite Lurpak unsalted butter :D

Mmmm I think this would have to be my favorite breakfast, and now I have no more Lurpak butter. *sob sob* What's your favorite breakfast?


Ayu~Emma said...

Love the top ^^
you look gorgeous!! <3

a!k0 said...

Awww thank you! but I am losing hair :( sad dunno what to do!

Marie said...

Your top looks nice on you, I like the color!:D

***** Marie *****

Keirasluckycharm said...

Very pretty!

a!k0 said...

@Marie: At first I thought it was too purple now I am liking it too and thank you! ^^

@Keira: Thank you :D

B. Arafia said...

hello there,

thanks for following my blog :)


a!k0 said...

@B. Arafia: You are welcome :D it's very interesting.