Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 365: #78 Haul

I have never done a haul since I don't 'haul' as often and this isn't really a beauty blog, I don't feel very beautiful most of the time XD but I might as well share. I ordered these a couple of months back and got it awhile back too, I just never got to uploading pictures or swatches. I don't have swatches honestly but I will have them soon...maybe :P.

Honestly you can find most of these watches on YouTube. That's where I get my make-up fix *drools over makeup* haha. Really I love watching those beauty gurus like Itsjudytime, Xsparkage, Pinkiecharm, Emily Noel, etc etc...there are a ton to name. :)

Some stuff I got: NYX, Jordana pigments, blusher, e/s, ELF liners, lip stain and bronzer

I have this obsession with eyeliners, green eyeshadow and blushers. It's really disturbing. Sorry I have no swatches, but I will next time. :) Did I mention I am obsessed with NYX? =____='''


Pepper said...

Nice haul!

Is the ELF bronzer is matte bronzer? I love that one a lot!

I have obsessions with green, teal and aqua eyeshadows...I think because that kind of colours flatter dark brown eyes.

I was obsessed with ELF last time. I joined a total 6 or sprees back to back during the obsession frenzy. Right I'm rolling my eyes thinking how much I spent feeding the obsession.

Obsession is really disturbing.

Ayu~Emma said...

yosh~finally. as u promised ^^
waiting for swatches tho and the review on avon's lip tint!

a!k0 said...

@Pepper: I know, my obsessions are I am gonna take a back seat. =___= It's not good that I have a bf that sometimes fuel that obsession...

Yeah that one is matte, I am still trying to work that one out..I think it might not be bronze enough for me :P Yeah I think it's because it flatters our brown eyes..Anything green-ish, or golden and reds now...ughh it's really disturbing :P

@Ayu: awww I am sorry it took so long :3 hehe...and I should put swatches huh? :P I will try to fulfill the lip tint promise :3 meehehehehehe