Saturday, October 16, 2010

A good night for us Gunners fan

Last night was hectic. I was at a show, went to dinner with this sweet 'uncle' and then watch like 30 minutes of football? I wish I had been watching the whole game but I came home at 1125 and the game started 940 or so, so no luck there. Although I didn't watch the game I did watch the Full Time report. YAY Gunner fans! We won (finally!) after a disappointing few games prior. I am kinda vague on details but I think Chamakh and Nasri scored the winning goals. Also young Jack Wilshere got a red card for a tackle and I think deserve it. We don't need another player breaking a foot (literally in half!) over some tough, head on tackle. Young Jack don't worry people make mistake.

And little did I know a former Gunner player Alex Hleb, was playing for Birmingham! Like what? Meh you should've stayed at Arsenal rather than moving to Barcelona (was it?). Sorry I am lazy to check out the facts but I am sure he did move to Barcelona one or 2 seasons ago. XDD

Arsenal vs Birmingham City
2 - 1

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