Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I did on my birthday

Warning picture heavy!!

So my birthday was pretty quiet, it was rainy and moody too in the morning. I spent part of the morning and afternoon on Skype with CLK, cause we're just awesome like that :P. It was pretty nice and serene, and I planned what I wanted to make for my mom, sister and brother. :D 

I made pizza, it's taste better than it looked trust me. XD And I made a dessert like cake, with chocolate sauce and sweet Marry crackers. 

pizza with chips XD

Then my uncle and his gf came over to take me out for dinner at a Thai restaurant but I insisted that they have some pizza with us, so Thai dinner would have to be postponed for next time, yay!!! I want some Tom Yam.

Definitely enjoying my pizza :D it makes me happy ^__^

My pizza cake - hey I am happy with pizza and no cake XD

Changed cause she wanted me to wear a dress <3

my favorite, can't have pizza without it!

Love these pics when we try to take a mirror pic, mostly fail XD

Love this butterfly ring she bought for AUD5 =__='' I want!

Mouth watering late night supper :D

After a long walk through the mall, window shopping (looking at accessories and books) we went for supper. Yeah after that pizza, we still have tons of room for more Italian :D. Lasagna and brownie, with whipped cream. Talk about tons of fat =___='' but who cares it was my birthday!! XDD Originally they wanted to take me out for a Thai dinner, but I surprised them with pizza instead so Thai took a rain check :D Hehehe, oh my tom yam, we will be reunited!! Need to check out that place so I can bring CLK for his post-birthday dinner when he comes. :)

See how "happy" I was? (Literally stuffed o.O)

Thank you for a great birthday, and I get to spend it with people I love~

p.s And CLK's birthday was just within 24 hours! How cool is that!! :D


Ayu Muhamad said... fun fun.. =D
Too bad on my birthday my parent will b busy with their meetings. Plus, I need to take care of my nephew at home =.=

a!k0 said...

Awww, I wish we could celebrate together like we use worries you have to put up pics anyway :) for me, and thank you it was fun!!

Straylights said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great time. :D